Chapter 1:
Learn how to move the player spaceship, how to keep it bounded within the screen region, and how to apply tilt for more realistic motion.

 Game concepts:
- Moving the space ship 0:30
- Adding game area boundary containment to the spaceship 5:30
- Adding tilt to the spaceship 9:00

iCanScript features:
- Adding a visual script to a game object 0:50
- Creating new nodes using the library view 1:20
- Using the “GameController” library function 1:23
- Adding an instance node 2:57
- Adding ports using the instance wizard 3:15
- Creating packages 3:40
- Creating new nodes by dragging ports 4:30
- Working on a node in isolation, by setting it as root node 6:20
- Iconising nodes 12:10


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