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iCanScript2 Example Projects

Use this download area to share example projects created with iCanScript2.

All users can download the example projects and registered user can contribute and expand this library.

Please clearly specify the iCanScript2 version used to build the project as iCS2 quickly evolves and is still in beta.


Thank you for contributing to make iCS2 better!

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iCanScript Community Releases

iCanScript is part of a new breed of visual editors that focuses on expressing programmatic behaviour using nodal diagrams.

It integrates with existing toolsets extending the text editor for writing Unity3d scripts.

It offers a visual workflow to build, review, and publish programming logic preserving the ability to write low-level logic using your favourite coding software.

iCanScript complements textual scripting with visual scripting.

iCanScript allows the non-technical individual to create or modify simple scripts.

iCanScript visual environment greatly simplifies the understanding of script structure for all individuals

Main Features:

  • Integrated functional & state chart diagrams;
  • Infinite nesting of nodes allows for structured visual scripts;
  • Library can be expanded with your own scripts and external packages;
  • Available for Standard and Professional versions of Unity.


Community Release Limitations:

The community release is meant to give you the chance to test drive iCanScript before making the decision to go for the Pro version.  It is limited in terms of:

  • number of nodes per visual script;
  • number of visual scripts per scene.

Thanks for trying iCanScript and we hope you will join the Pro familly soon!


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