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Please note that the installation of iCanScript from the Unity Asset Store is currently not discussed. It will be added in future releases of this document.

iCanScript is a downloadable plugin for the Unity 3D game engine. It comes in the form of a Unity package that must be installed for each project.

The initial download of iCanScript is available from the project website. User registration is required to obtain the latest version of the iCanScript software via email. An overview of the registration, download and installation procedure is available in the following video:

Follow these steps to install iCanScript for the first time:

  1. Visit the iCanScript web site at;
  2. Click the download button from the home page;
  3. Fill-in the registration form (the email is important);
  4. Shortly after, you will receive an email with the latest version of iCanScript in attachment;
  5. Open the email and save the iCanScript package;
  6. Launch Unity and import the iCanScript package (see Figure 1);
  7. You are now ready to start …
Figure 1. Importing iCanScript into Unity.
Figure 1. Importing iCanScript into Unity.

You now have the knowledge to download and install iCanScript in your own project. I propose that you move on to the [quick start tutorial][] where you will build your first visual script.

iCanScript User Interface Tips

Subsequent software releases can be downloaded using the [upgrade][Upgrading iCanScript] feature of iCanScript.


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