Knowledge Base - Upgrading iCanScript

Improvements to iCanScript are regularly made available as downloadable software updates.

The following steps are needed to verify for and update to the latest version of iCanScript:

  1. Verify for an update using the menu item: Help->iCanScript->Check for Updates…;
  2. If an update is available, a dialog box will guide you to the download page;
  3. Download the latest version of iCanScript;
  4. Open Unity and uninstall the current version of iCanScript (see [Removing iCanScript]);
  5. Import the latest version of iCanScript (see [Installation]);
  6. An alert box will be shown if data conversion is required after the upgrade;
    • data conversion is performed in memory;
    • each visual script data is converted independently;
    • converted data is persisted when the scene is saved;
    • data rollback is performed if scene is not saved after an upgrade.
  7. Save the scene to complete the upgrade.
Figure 1. Verifying for an update.
Figure 1. Verifying for an update.


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