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iCanScript is a visual script modelling engine that executes on the Standard or Professional edition of Unity. The steps to get iCanScript up and running are:

1- Get a copy of Unity

If you haven’t already done so, download and install the Unity game development platform from the official Unity website.

2- Download iCanScript

iCanScript comes in two flavours:

  • A professional edition; and
  • A time limited trial edition.

Professional Edition

The professional of iCanScript can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Community Edition

A trial edition of iCanScript can be downloaded from:

3- Import iCanScript into your Unity Project

  • Once the iCanScript package downloaded, it can be installed inside your Unity Project using the menu item:

    Assets->Import Package->Custom Package….

  • Select the iCanScript unity package you have downloaded (ex: iCanScript-v1.1.2.unitypackage);
  • and import all components.

4- Verify the Installation

After the import, iCanScript should be installed in the project Assets folder as depicted below:

Unity using the iCanScript Visual Modelling Engine

The Edit, Component, Window and Help menus of Unity should also be extended to include the iCanScript functionality.

my alt text

You are now ready to build your first visual script !!!


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