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iCanScript is designed to seamlessly integrated into the Unity development environment. It builds on the philosophies and application programming interfaces (APIs) available to Unity script programmers.

iCanScripts integrates with the following Unity concepts:

  • Visual scripts are standard Unity Components;
  • Each visual script is compiled into an Unity Behaviour and executed as such;
  • All Unity engine programming interfaces are available in the iCanScript library database;
  • All Behaviour Messages are implemented as Message Handler Nodes;
  • Visual script libraries are implemented with Unity Prefabs;
  • Visual scripts are saved and loaded with the game object they are attached to;
  • Visual scripts are compiled when starting the Unity engine.

iCanScript extends the Unity Concepts with:

  • Functional diagrams;
  • State Chart diagrams;
  • Automatic data driven execution sequencing;
  • Automatic deadlock avoidance.

Note: Proper usage of iCanScript requires minimal knowledge of the Unity platform.


Created : 2015-03-16 20:19:50, Last Modified : 2015-03-16 20:19:50

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