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In the iCanScript Space Shooter tutorial series, we will show you how to recreate the popular Unity Space Shooter tutorial using iCanScript Visual Scripting instead of code. Following along with each chapter, and reproducing each script, is a great way to learn the fundamentals of iCanScript!

Space Shooter v2.1 HOT

Space Shooter using iCanScript2 


NOTE: Chapter 5 requires the State Chart component that is not currenlty available in iCS2 (as of v2.0.16).

Date 2015-05-20 File Size 17.73 MB Download 1,019 Download

Space Shooter v1.1 HOT

NOTE: This version of the Space Shooter tutorial was created with Unity 4. Changes are required to adapt with Unity 5 interface changes.

Date 2015-01-31 File Size 21.67 MB Download 808 Download



Overview of what you will learn in this series. How to set up Unity for iCanScript, and how to load and use the Space Shooter assets.

Read more: Introduction

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