iCanScript simplifies the programming experience.

It is a node base visual scripting editor for the Unity game engine.

Whether you are a veteran or novice programmer, you can design your scripts quicker than ever.

State Chart Diagrams with State Nesting enables Sophisticated Behaviours

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Integrated Data Flow & State Chart Diagrams

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Infinite Nesting of Nodes allows for structured visual scripts

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Each Node can be displayed as:
- Folded
- Unfolded
- Iconized

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Feature Overview

  • Fully integrated functional & state chart diagrams;
  • Infinite nesting of nodes allows for structured visual scripts;
  • Visual scripts can be saved and loaded to / from Prefabs to create your own personal visual library;
  • Each node can be displayed as: unfolded (see nested nodes) / folded (hides nested nodes) / iconized;
  • Visual Editor zoom in / out allows you to see the big picture and easily navigate in large diagrams;
  • Standard library includes all of Unity' script functionality;
  • Library can be expanded with your own scripts and / or external packages using reflection;
  • Auto-save when scene is saved;
  • Auto-compiled when application is started;
  • Port values are displayed in realtime (when the application is executing);
  • Modification to value ports are reflected in real-time;
  • Available for Standard and Professional versions of Unity.

Why iCanScript?

The main objective of iCanScript is to help with scripting tasks related to your project. iCanScript is not trying to replace the programmer; instead it provides a visual alternative to simplify and accelerate scripting tasks enabling greater accessibility to Unity scripts.

User Expertise

Non-Technical Individual: iCanScript visual environment greatly simplifies the understanding of script structure for all individuals including non-technical individuals. By removing the "needee greedee" details of programming languages, iCanScript allows the non-technical individual to create or modify simple scripts. The creation of large and maintainable scripts require a minimal programming structure (even with visual scripting) and may prove to be challenging for non-technical individuals.

The Novice and Intermediate Programmer: The novice programmer will greatly benefit from the immense Unity library available for visual scripting. The programmer will find enjoyable the ability to create state charts and functional graphs in a visual and coherent environment. The ability to aggregate multiple functions and state charts into a module combined with the unlimited nesting capabilities of iCanScript provides a sandbox to design at multiple levels of abstraction.

The Expert Programmer: For the expert programmer, iCanScript complements textual scripting with visual scripting. Using .NET reflection and optional meta-attributes, textual scripts can easily be published to the iCanScript library. Therefore, the programmer remains in full control over the scripting workflow deciding when and where visual scripting is a benefit to the overall project.
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